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Finding and Training the Perfect Employee


A well-organized company with good revenue potential will turn red if the wrong people were hired. Adversely, a disorganized company with a negative net income will become a very profitable company when the right people were hired. It is not about the right industry, it is about the right people. As a result, human resources management is one of the most crucial factors to determine the company’s success.


But how can we know that we hired the right people? And how can we train our employees more effectively? Those questions can be answered in this seminar. After the training, you should know the following:


  • Questions that allow you to understand your candidates more
  • Ways to determine the truthfulness of your candidates answers
  • Predictions of their working habits
  • Ways to train your employees to improve their performance
  • Secrets of building loyalty


In business schools or from different top leaders, such as Colin Powell or Jack Welch, we understand common ideas and theories about leadership and trainings. However, those techniques take time to put into practice, and there are high risk factors within them. With Chinese Physiognomy, we can accurately understand a person within a short period of time. As a result, combining the two professional expertises, we will bring our students to learn human resources planning and training efficiently so that it will help to improve the company’s overall performance within two days.