Face Reading Level 2
Professional Face Reading Certificate Course Level 2

Professional Face Reading Certificate Course Level 2

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Program Overview:

Face Reading, or physiognomy, is one of the most powerful tools that ancient Chinese have developed. It is a systematic study of your facial features. It can indicate your personalities and therefore predict your future.

With face reading, you can discover your peak moments and downturns as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Using this advantage to understand yourself, you can utilize your strengths to achieve your goals, and analyze your weaknesses to identify and avoid problems.

Face reading can further enhance your advantages in choosing a good boss and employees, as well as good friends who can help you and who you can help.

Face Reading can do so many things, but it can be separated into 3 categories:

  1. Self Condition
  2. Relationship
  3. Fate

Self Condition

    1. Personality

What is your strength & weakness of you, how to modify it.

    1. Health

Which part of your body is most weakness, watch for it will prevent a serious sick coming.

    1. Career

Find the right career for yourself, not waste your energy.

    1. Wealth

Know how wealthy you are, never over dream your wealth. Know how to deal with money. How to find them out.

    1. Fame

Know what sort of fame you have, which way is right for you.

    1. Your Migration

Move to the right direction will create your fortune.


Get to know your relationship of your parents, spouse, children, siblings, friends, subordinates. With better communication with the others. More easy to understand the other people. Know how to guide your children to become as a useful people, establish a good society.


Know better about your ups & downs cycles, plan your future easily. Moreover, Face Reading can help an employer select the good employee, employee select a good employer. Which will be ahead your competitors?

Teacher use different way to teach their students. Police can use it to find the suspect. Sales can use it to deal with customers. Politician can use it to select the right staffs work with them and win the vote completion. Customer service can use it to deal with difficult clients.

Once you need to deal with people, Face Reading is the best tool for you and brings you to success.


The Professional Face Reading Certificate Course Level 2 course will take place in Toronto, Canada. The language used in this course is English.

Day 1

  • Face shapes and spirit
  • Bones and muscle
  • Hairs and nails
  • Scar and moles

Day 2

  • Face formats of
    • Rich and poor
    • Famous and infamous
    • Long life and short life
    • Lucky and unlucky

Day 3

  • Face formats of
    • Move up and move down
    • Stable and unstable
    • Complete and broken
    • Relax and stress
    • Solid and heavy
    • Thin and light

Day 4

  • Face formats of
    • Happy and unhappy
    • Smart and stupid
    • Hardworking and laze
    • Honest and dishonest
    • Strong and weak

Benefits for Taking the Course:

Understand yourself and others better

Enable to predict someone else’s past, present, and future

Learn how to map out your own path and adjust accordingly

What Should You Mastered after the Course:

  • The difference face formats and their meaning
  • The meaning of moles and scars
  • Reading more efficiently

Materials Provided in the Course:

Students will receive a copy of Professional Face Reading Certificate Course Level 2 workbook.

Who Should Attend this Course:

Face Reading or Chinese Metaphysics enthusiasts

Individuals who are planning to start a career in face reading

Individuals who want to improve their overall Chinese Metaphysics skill


  • Professional Face Reading Certificate Course Level 1

Course Recognition:

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a “Professional Face Reading Certificate Course Level 2” certificate that is issued by Royal Academic Institute.


This course is offered in various countries. Details can be found in the Up-coming Seminars section on the front page.


US $1600



1.) Do I need to know something about Chinese Metaphysics taking this course?

YES. You must complete Professional Face Reading Certificate Course Level 1 before taking this course.

2.) I have been practicing other fields in Chinese Metaphysics for a long time, would I find any benefits from this course?

Definitely, you might acquire many experiences in this field in the past years, but again, this will be an eye-opening course for you. When we have other face reading fundamental 1 course in the past, some of the students have been practicing Feng Shui or other kind of Chinese Metaphysics for many years and some of them are even famous masters in the field. However, they all find this course very useful. In fact, some of the testimonials can be found in this website.

3.) What do I need to bring/prepare for this course?

As most of the materials are provided by our agent - IC Global Solutions Inc. - there is not much that you need to bring. However, we would ask you to bring your genuine interest and an open mind to learn the course materials from this course.

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