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A contradiction in logic 2

Posted by admin_issac on 2012/3/17 14:50:00 (1398 reads) News by the same author
A contradiction in logic 2

“Opening your eyes to choose a teacher and closing your eyes to reincarnation.睜眼求師, 閉目投胎.”

This Chinese old saying was what I have learnt when I was a child.

Our reincarnation is not up to our choice, it depends on the karma; but learning from which teacher is up to our choice.

When a teacher is getting into a wrong path, how do his students can avoid getting into the same wrong path? The worst teacher is he knew his wrong but continue to blind his students and stop them to trace the right path. That’s why our wise ancestor taught us to open our eyes to choose the teacher.

Since I got into the Feng Shui knowledge in 1972, I have discovered there are a lot of worst Feng Shui masters. They are not only appearing in my generation but also appeared before and after my generation. If you have a clear mind and also wide open your eyes, you will easily to find them out and avoid yourselves get into their trap.

One of the most discussing topics is whether Feng Shui has the secret or not? It is separated into 2 groups; some say “yes” but some say “no”. I can easy to find 2 famous masters as the example.

Master Chang Tai Hung蔣大鴻 was the one who say “yes”, because he was reading many Feng Shui books and doing many researches, he haven’t got the secret of Feng Shui until he met his master, Mo Keig Tsz無極子. He published his collection of real Feng Shui books and named it as “Dei Lei Bin Jing 地理辨正” after he got the secret. His lineage students were seriously selected.

Resized Image

Resized Image

The other master is Shum Chuk Ying 沈竹礽, he read Master Chang’s book and could not decode the secret, and he got no master liked to take him as a student, therefore he gave a large amount of money to borrow the Feng Shui book from Master Cheung Chung Shan’s son to copy for a whole night. After a few years of decoding, he claimed that he had discovered the Feng Shui secret from Master Cheung Chung Shan’s book copy without any verified by Master Cheung’s or Chang’s lineage. He published his book called, “Shum’s Yuan Hoong沈氏玄空”, that is the Flying Star Feng Shui 飛星風水first appeared. It is because Master Shum liked to share his theory in the public. His marketing strategy makes him success; he became famous in the Feng Shui field until now.

Resized Image

Resized Image

Nowadays, many Feng Shui masters copy Master Shum’s successful marketing strategy and selling this Feng Shui secret. All this group of people say that there is no secret in Feng Shui because they already found out. They also claim that this knowledge is belonging to everyone; therefore if you are willing to pay, then you are the new Feng Shui master. You can either run the Feng Shui business under your own or under their franchise.

In front of you there are 2 groups of the people, Master Chang’s group and Master Shum’s group. Which group you will trust?

The answer is simple, when you search the Feng Shui in the internet, you will find 99% of people select Sham’s group. They believe there are no secret in Feng Shui, they are thinking they are smarter than the entire previous masters.

Foolish and smart is only separated by a line. If you are smart, you will find these 99% of people are wrong because they have a contradiction in logic: –

Shum’s group do not get the Feng Shui secret from the Chang’s lineage and how can Shum’s group know the secret they found is Chang’s group secret?

On the other hand, Chang’s group have the secret, it is quite easy for them to know Shum’s group is right or wrong.

Those secrets of Feng Shui are contributed by many generations. It is not allowed to write into a book and it is only transferred mouth to mouth. The lineage master would verify those secrets by cases to cases studies with his lineage students. In our technical term called, “Transferred by mouth and transferred by eyes. 傳心傳眼.”

Resized Image

Resized Image

Although it may be part of Shum’s theory is correct but as Master Chang’s said, “Getting four but losing six which is not complete.得四失六難為全.”

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