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My Feng Shui researches 7 - Master Tseng Tsz Nam曾子南 (1907-2006)

Posted by admin_issac on 2012/3/29 20:20:00 (2399 reads) News by the same author
My Feng Shui researches 7 - Master Tseng Tsz Nam曾子南 (1907-2006)

If you are study “Yuen Hoong玄空”, you would hear about a Taiwanese Master, Tseng Tsz Nam曾子南 (1907-2006). He was another master who used the long distance method to teach his students in this generation.

Resized Image

Resized Image

He wrote many books and he mentioned he was the offspring of the Master Yeung Wan Chung’s楊筠松 disciple Tseng Man Dick曾文迪. But I found real name of Master Yeung’s disciple should be Tseng Man Shin曾文辿 in my research in JiangXi江西 and my Feng Shui books. I queried his real relationship with Master Yeung’s student because if it is true then he should not be wrong with his ancestor’s name. May be Tseng Man Dick曾文迪 was another Feng Shui master who was another Master Yeung’s disciple.

Resized Image

One day I read a preface article from the book of another Taiwanese Master, Wong Chung Hon王松寒. It said that there was a famous master who claimed himself was Master Tseng Man Shin’s 曾文辿offspring which was a lie. It is because this famous master was Master Wan Chung Wu’s 溫忠瑚neighbour; he always brought a Feng Shui book to ask Master Wan about “Shir Tsz Fa些子法” every evening when he was living in Yeung Mui楊梅. After a few years, the famous master claimed himself was the offspring of Master Tseng Man Shin曾文辿.

Resized Image

The article was wrote by Master Yeung Chun Cheung楊竣翔, as I found Master Tseng lived in Sun Chuk新竹 since 1949, where he lived before I could not find. Whether the master mentioned in Master Yeung’s article was the same master of I wrote in this article, it is better for the readers to guess. But no matter how, he was famous in Asia.

Resized Image

In one of the books of Master Tseng Tsz Nam曾子南 called “Nam Yeung Chum Lung Kee南洋尋龍記”, he mentioned that he did a grave in Malaysia for his Student, Yiu Ching Gee姚貞祀. With the help from Master Leyau, I did the research on this grave. As the traditional Chinese saying, “Walking million miles of road is better than reading million books讀萬卷書不如行萬里路”. Research some famous master’s work which will give you a better and clear judgement without any bias.

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Published: 2014/3/13 20:26  Updated: 2014/3/13 20:26
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 Re: My Feng Shui researches 7 - Master Tseng Tsz Nam曾��...
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