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Posted by compass on 2008/5/25 23:13:31 (2325 reads)
Many people have used “Feng Shui Huanâ€‌ gua to represent Feng Shui; the reason for it, as you might know, is that “Feng Shui Huanâ€‌ gua is composed by two different trigrams – the “Sunâ€‌ gua and the “Humâ€‌ gua. “Sunâ€‌ represents wind and “Humâ€‌ represents water, so it will seem very logical that using wind at the top and water at the bottom would create the best symbol for representing Feng Shui. However, is that always the case?
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Posted by admin_issac on 2008/4/26 0:30:00 (2268 reads)
Most of the students want to become as a Feng Shui Master, but they are overlooking there is a suffering for them. In this episode, Master Chung will discuss it with you.

For further information, please visit http://www.royalacademicinstitute.com

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Posted by admin_issac on 2008/4/26 0:30:00 (2331 reads)
Every Feng Shui Master, practitioner, student has a Chinese Compass, but how to choose a good Compass is not knowing by everyone. In this episode, Master Chung will teach you how to select a good Chinese Compass.

For further information, please visit http://www.royalacademicinstitute.com

Lo Pan or Lo Gann means Chinese Compass; it is a most important tool for the Feng Shui Master. The Feng Shui master use it to do the measurement and determinate how to arrange the Feng Shui in a house or a grave. If this tool is not accurate, then no matter how good you are in Feng Shui, your result will be totally reverse. Therefore we have a popular saying in Feng Shui, "Lo Gann Char Yat Sin, Fu Kwai But Sheung Kin." It means "Only 1 degree variation in the direction of the Chinese compass, then you will never get a good result."

Although our previous master always mention this importance for us, but most of the so call Feng Shui Masters don't know how to choose a good Chinese Compass. If they don't know how to pick up a good Chinese Compass, how can you sure that they can do a good job in Feng Shui?

There are so many types of Chinese Compass, but we can summarize it into 2 kinds of Chinese Compass, one is manufacturing by the compass company, the other is produced by the Feng Shui Master.

Since the compass company is not the compass user, the produce they produce will base on the profit margin. Therefore quality is quite different. On the other hand, the Feng Shui Master is the compass user, but they do not have the production experience, and it also depends on how good they know about the Chinese Compass, therefore their quality products also quite different.

In this episode, I am not planning to teach you become as a Chinese compass expert, it is because it needs to talk some time to learn, but I can give you a little bit simple hints to help you choose a better Chinese compass. If you like to learn more, I will have some seminar in the near future to help you to choose a best Chinese compass.

To select a good Chinese compass need the following procedure:

1. Check the assemble of the compass, not too loose or too tight
2. Check the needle in the middle to see how flexible they are
3. Check the cross line is right on the line of the compass surface table or not
4. Check anything wrong in the compass table. Some of the compass tables are totally wrong.

The about is very basic technique, hoping it will help you out.

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Posted by admin_issac on 2008/4/13 21:14:42 (2462 reads)
A lot of people will learn the Feng Shui and Astrology. Does there any conflict in between them? In this episode Master Chung will discuss with you.

For further inforamation, please visit http://www.royalacademicinstitute.com

There are 2 masters sitting together and they have the argument. One is the Feng Shui master and the other is the Astrology master. Both of them are very famous in their field.

The Astrology Master said, "I don't think Feng Shui can change someone's fate, if our fate can be changed by Feng Shui, then why I was so accurate in my astrology prediction for my clients? Beside that, the Chinese would only have one dynasty, not so many dynasties. It was because the emperor would have the top and best Feng Shui Masters to help them, but their dynasty still collapse, therefore it proofed that Feng Shui did not existing."

The Feng Shui master argue back, "If astrology was so accurate and life could not be changed, then why there were some history recorded that some people who did the astrology when they were young, everything happened as the astrologer's said in their young age, but totally changed in the middle age. The most famous typical case was "Yuen Niu Fan" case. How could you explain this happen?"

Well, both of them have very good points of view. How can we judge who is right and who is wrong? Or both of them are right? Or both of them are wrong?

In the Chinese metaphysic field, both of the Astrology and Feng Shui were existed over thousands of the years. Does it mean something for you?

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Posted by admin_issac on 2008/4/11 15:16:26 (2161 reads)
Most of the people will think they will rich if they can manage the Feng Shui Technique, is it that straight forward? Master Chung will discuss with you in this episode.

For further information, please visit http://www.royalacademicinstitute.com

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