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The common mistakes of nowadays Feng Shui Learners 3

Posted by admin_issac on 2010/4/27 1:00:00 (1517 reads) News by the same author

****** Self learn from the books *****

Some Feng Shui masters always encourage their students to read more Feng Shui classics. The motive is good as many ancient masters publish books for transferring their knowledge to others; whereas many current Feng Shui masters publish books for improving their fame.

Because of the above reason, some masters even believe that the ancient Feng Shui books must be correct.

This argument sounds very logic, but it proposes a very huge problem in reality. When you read my reorganized book, “Tin Yuk Ging – Chu Ka Juâ€‌ (The book of Sky Jade – Explained by Various Schools), you will see the explanations are all done by Feng Shui grand masters who are very famous. However, they have one thing in common - they are all experts in ancient Chinese dialects.

When examine one sentence, every person has his or her own perspective and understanding! Each person has a different explanation. As a result, the usage of law of Qi (some of the current masters call “Compass Schoolâ€‌) is different. If we said they are explaining the ancient Feng Shui classics, why won’t we say they are writing their own thesis.

Referencing the classics to strengthen one’s argument is a reasonable practice, because many people believe if the person is not famous, the idea that he or she presents is a fallacy. Many people would not absorb or try to fully understand the concepts by the author.

For those who tried to search the true knowledge, this is an obstacle; and if this is not removed, it will be difficult to improve. It is, therefore, essential to view an issue with an unbiased mind, and from different angles. Analyze those issues from their differences and similarities to find the right point. If we can follow this path, we will be able to solve the mysteries and find the new theories.

Think about this, ancient people do not have the “Ancient Classicsâ€‌, so who can they reference to for supporting their arguments? As our ancient talents can break the rules, how come we, in the present, must use previous people’s words to support our thoughts? Why can’t we develop our own theories?

In order for a book to become a classic, it must go through many years. Try to answer this: if today’s fake master wrote some Feng Shui books that become tomorrow’s classics, and that our successors believe in those “classicsâ€‌ without doubts, what kind of knowledge will our successors get?

Today, most of the Feng Shui classics that we can access to are from inferior masters. The literatures themselves are poorly done, and many of them contained contradicting theories. Those that are written by scholars have very good flow and grammar, but they are living in their own thoughts and fantasies without practical experiences. This kind of literatures is nice for learning grammar and strengthening one’s creativities, but following the practices from it would be digging a grave for oneself. Unable to return. There are only a few that have contents and excellent perspective that learners can select; however those literatures are lack of flows and interests that non-linage learners are unable to find the true contents and secrets within it. This is the main idea that ancient Chinese masters follow: Pass the book, but not the key. This is also why it is important to have a good master.
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