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Отзывы белорусских студентов

Belarus students feedback
Posted by admin_issac on 2020/2/6 17:50:09 (925 reads) News by the same author
Светлана Богунова

The knowledge gained on the course is priceless. Because many people think that physiognomy is some form, some proportion. But in fact, everything is much deeper. It is not enough to know just the forms. It is very important to know other points that affect our destiny. And the Master gave us the key for us to change our lives.

I received very detailed information on how to change myself. because first of all you need to start with yourself. In order for our life to become more successful, better, we need to do a lot of work on ourselves.This knowledge will allow me to help other people more.

Naturally, I will start with my children, with my family. I clearly understand that simply changing facial features and simply reading information from the face is not enough.

Many people wonder why they do feng shui, but the effect is back.The Master gave us not only knowledge, but he gave us his vision. It is much more valuable, much more important. Therefore, now I have a task - to practice, practice and practice.

We are pleased that the third module will be held soon. And we are glad that this will allow us to deepen our knowledge of Chinese physiognomy and understanding of man.


My name is Alexander. I am from Kiev. I came to meet and get knowledge from Master Issac Chung. It surprised me. Why?

Because the Chinese physiognomy for me is a completely different coordinate system, because before that I studied the Western European physiognomy, which tells about the person who he is.

This physiognomy, which I studied here for 10 days, is the system that allows you to see a person from the inside, his condition, his energy, his health, his financial situation. And thus even see his future.

This is much more than to say about a person, who he is, what he can do and what he can be capable of. Here is a more comprehensive approach.

According to the Master, physiognomy began 3,000 years ago BC. It came from doctors of antiquity, from ancient people who made observations and recorded. And to get knowledge in 10 days that has developed over millennia is unrealistic.

Nevertheless, this is the most valuable knowledge and experience for me that I received on the basis of what the Master showed. I have acquired the opportunity to study the people with whom I will interact.

I want to thank the organizers and the Master who gave this knowledge. And I want to wish all the guys who received this knowledge to preserve them and further develop themselves.

Veronika Krasnova

My name is Veronika Krasnova. I came to this course from St. Petersburg. This is my second level and today I finished this course.

For me, the course was very interesting and very eventful. I had the opportunity to touch on unique knowledge and, most importantly for me, the opportunity to get acquainted with a unique Master.

On the course we have analyzed a lot of examples, a lot of subtle knowledge. But more important for me was to feel the attitude and energy of the Master himself.

I had the opportunity to touch the ancient Chinese wisdom. I had the opportunity to learn something about myself. You know, not all knowledge is joyful when you learn something about yourself.

But in this wonderful atmosphere, very friendly and supportive, of course, I found some solutions for myself to move in my development and understanding.

In addition, this wonderful atmosphere made it possible to be inspired, charged with desire, thirst for life. I am very grateful for this opportunity. This is a big luck! I am inviting you.

Korban Victoria

I welcome everyone. My name is Korban Victoria. In life, I am an accounting employee, chief accountant. Why do I need these courses?

First of all, for personal life. This knowledge gives me an understanding of how to communicate with people who are standing in front of me, with whom to negotiate further, who are telling the truth, who are lying.

It also helps me and will help in the education of my children. I will understand where to send my children: maybe, go to the sport or academic knowledge, how not to suppress them. My job responsibilities include recruiting employees.

These courses help me recognize people already at the interview stage. Who will work and how? Who assimilates information and how? Who will bring the company revenue and who will not?

In any case, I am grateful to Angela, who introduced me to the Master. He gave this knowledge, which, I hope, will help me determine my personal life and career. I am grateful to the Master that he found the opportunity to come to us.

Because face-to-face training is worth a lot: we absorb information better, the Master transfers all the energy of knowledge to us.
We hope that he will come to us and continue to educate us further.

Plotnikov Nikolay

My name is Plotnikov Nikolay. I am advising on Chinese metaphysics. I have long wanted to enter Master Isaac’s course as soon as I first heard about it in 2013.

Having entered the course in 2020, I cannot explain my impressions. I understand that this is the beginning of something new, this is a completely new understanding of what I was doing, because the course of physiognomy expanded my knowledge in related sciences, including predictive ones, such as Ji Wei Dou Shu and Ba Zi.

This is a very structured and consistent course where the questions that arise are immediately answered in the following examples.

Probably, I have not yet studied any such comfortable and information-rich course. It is intense, full immersion 24x7.

By the end of the course, in any case, you begin to practice physiognomy. Many thanks to the Master for his knowledge, for sharing with us. Hope to continue


My name is Yulia. I am happy that I attended the Issac Chung course. The Master is an amazing person. He has amazing energy. He is very nice. And the people gathered wonderful, all masters of Chinese metaphysics. I got wonderful knowledge that I can apply right here and now.

This knowledge will help me in business and in all areas of my life. Now I have a hobby that will remain with me all my life - it is reading people. We constantly see people, communicate with them.

The Master explained to us that every person has a Ga. This is the level of our luck. And even if a person has a low level, he can do so to become rich and successful.

It is very valuable that we can change and become rich, successful, beloved and happy.


I have long wanted to get to the Master on the course. I am satisfied.

I got a lot of interesting stuff, additions, confirmations.

I hope for the third module, where I will get even more answers to my questions.

Alas, there are more questions than answers. A lot of questions. Waiting for answers.

Svetlana Grigoryants

I am glad that I attended Issac Chung's courses. It was my dream that lasted from 2013. Then I did not get on the course. Now I am grateful to fate that the Master came here to Belarus and I had the opportunity to get knowledge from such a knowledgeable wise person.

I believe that his knowledge is very deep and will be useful to anyone who studies Chinese metaphysics. Because Master Issac Chung teaches not only physiognomy, but he deeply knows all five arts of Chinese metaphysics.
As a consultant to Ba Zi, I was very interested in listening to his courses, because everything goes in harmony with the five arts of Chinese metaphysics.

This is the first reason. the second reason, for which I am grateful to the Master, he not only teaches to read the face, but tries to teach us to understand the whole structure, form of man. Because reading the face is associated not only with the face, but also with the way a person walks, sits, stands, body shape.

Another reason why I believe that the knowledge of the Master is deep and useful to any person is that he understands the basics of life, he informs us that a person has a spirit in addition to a form.

And this spirit is the highest degree of understanding of face reading. I hope that maybe someday I will reach this level. Well this is such a little dream of mine. And most importantly, what I learned from this course is that you need to not only read faces, but also help people.

And the Master gave very practical advice on how to help, how to change traits and spirit. And the main advice for me from the Master is to smile. Now I will always smile.

Игорь Литвиненко

Master Chung In the class

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