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Beer Vs. Pee Story

Posted by admin_issac on 2009/2/1 17:50:00 (1879 reads) News by the same author

There is a small island in the hidden corner of the world, the people live in there enjoy easy and relax life. They try different methods to make a better life and fulfill their goal. Since the people are too relax to build up any good transport systems to connect with others, the island remains isolated.

One day, they connected to the rest of the world by TV; and they saw the Europeans were so happy to drink beer and chat whole day. One of the merchants on the island noticed that there is a great demand for beer, therefore he came up with a bright idea to sell beer. He didnt know how beer was made, but he realized the color of beer is golden yellow top with white bubbles, which looks like pee. As a result, he collected pee on the island and cooled it down in a freezer; and he started selling his beer in his restaurant.

Since no one has drank beer before, everyone was willing to taste it as the relaxation and happy image was strongly stuck in their minds. Due to the supply and demand, more and more people on the island joined the merchant to sell his beer. Everyone made a good profit from it. Although some people found the taste is so strange and asked the merchant about the recipe, the merchant stopped the questioning by claiming that it is a secret. Every franchisee was earning a good profit by selling this merchants pee.

Few years later, a ship passed by this island. Due to the shortage of food, the captain of the ship wanted to trade his beer for food. Some people who traded with the captain started to realize what real beer tasted like which is way different from the pee that they have been drinking. This message came to the merchants ears quickly. Since he was afraid to loss his benefits, he started to attack the captain and the sailors with his franchisees. As there are a large amount of the franchisees on the island, the people who knew the truth stayed quiet to avoid the attack.

The sailors kept on their journey and told this funny story to the rest of the world.

Since then, many people became rich by collecting and selling pee to this island.
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